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Information in advance :)

We do not use an automatic booking page because we at BERNER Bikes prefer personal contact. More fun and more successful.
We are happy to be there for you at any time for all your wishes and questions.

How do I get an offer and how can I book?

Send us a message via the contact form or an emailwith: Travel period / number of people / desired bike / desired roomwe will make you an offer and send you the appropriate forms that you have to fill out and send back.We confirm the booking and then all you have to do is pack your suitcase :)

How can I pay?

No prepayment is necessary. You decide whether you want to pay for your bike in advance - max. 2 weeks in advance - by bank transfer, or in cash on site.

You pay for the hotel room directly on site when you "check in" by card.
Please note: the eco tax still applies.

What do I need to pick up my bike?

Please bring the reservation confirmation and your ID with you.
Of course everything you need for cycling, such as pedals, helmet, shoes, etc.

What do I need to "check in"?

Please bring the reservation confirmation and your ID with you.

Is there an airport shuttle?

According to the law, only special, licensed companies can carry out guest transfers in Spain.
Unfortunately, our team cannot pick you up directly at the airport.
However, you can reach us at Playa within 10 minutes by taxi or bus.
We can arrange a transfer for groups or to Can Picafort

I'm not staying at a THB hotel and don't have a rental car?

We will also be happy to bring your rental bike to your desired location.This service is even free of charge if you deliver 2 carbon bikes for one week.

Can I return my bike earlier or hang on for another day?

It is possible to return your rental bike earlier. However, we cannot refund any money.
If you would like to extend your bike rental, this is of course possible depending on availability.

Is there a pick-up service in the event of a fall or defect?

There is no pick-up service in the event of falls or self-inflicted defects.
Not even if you have overworked yourself and are tired.
Nevertheless, we are of course available for you if you need our help!

What if something happens along the way?

112 is the uniform EU-wide emergency number!!
This number can be called free of charge from any mobile phone in the EU. You should always have an identity document and health insurance card with you.

What does the rental bike insurance cover?

We want you to be able to enjoy your stay carefree, so insurance for your rental bike is mandatory with us.
The insurance covers damage to the rental equipment.Theft, gross negligence and tube defects are not insured.

We ask you to take care of your bike or lock it - also in the bike cellar - and also to treat it with care,
because all guests are happy about a nice rental bike without quirks and scratches!

Please note: if you have a fall but don't notice any damage,
 we still ask you to come to us for a short bike check to be on the safe side.

Why should i fill out the data sheet?

We adjust the rental bike to your dimensions in advance, so you can feel completely comfortable on your tours. Please send us the data sheet with your booking. Should something not fit, we are happy to be there for you. Please do not make any modifications yourself. Especially with carbon parts, the wrong torque can sometimes lead to a defect.

How about the pedals?

We ask you to bring your own.

Do I have a bike computer on the rental bike?

We no longer have bike computers on the rental bikes.
Simply because most are now equipped with Garmin & Co.If you would like one, please let us know

Do I have to clean my bike?

Bike cleaning is included in the rental price. You're on vacation.
 If you want to wipe over it in between, you can of course use our washing areas.

Can I borrow clothing or shoes?

We do not lend clothing and shoes for hygienic reasons. Please also remember your helmet!
If your luggage does not arrive on time or you have forgotten something, we will be happy to help you
find solutions so that you can quickly get on your bike for your first ride.

Is there a washer/dryer?

Both are available at THB Hotels for a fee.

Do I have to bring my water bottle?

One bottle is a gift, you can buy more from us.
By the way, if you clean a drinking bottle carefully, you can use it for more than a week
and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Do the hotels have a bike cellar?

In all hotels there is the possibility to hang up your bike. You don't have to bring a lock, you'll get that from us.

Can I also book tours?

We do not offer group rides. But since everything is very familiar with us, everyone always finds a connection and we are happy to advise you on your individual tour planning.

I would also like to explore the north, is that possible?

Since we work together with the THB Hotel Group, we can also offer you a round trip
with luggage transport - every 2 days - offer*or you split your stay, spend a few days in the south and a few days in the north.
*from 4 people

Was ist wenn ich stornieren muss?

Please inform us of any changes immediately!

Cancellation rules rent bikes:
29 – 15 days before arrival = 25%
14 –    5 
days before arrival = 50%
  4 –     1 
days before arrival = 75%
Non-appearance                   = 100%

 Cancellation rules hotel:
29 – 15 
days before arrival = 10%
14 –    7 
days before arriva l= 50%
  6 –   4 T
days before arrival = 75%
  3 –    1 
days before arrival = 100% also non-appearance

I have more questions!!

Simply send us your questions via the contact form - by email - or give us a call.