Our rental conditions

1. Conclusion of the contract:
The contract between the renter and BERNER Bikes comes about through offer and acceptance.
The offer is usually made by the tenant booking in writing, by telephone, electronically or in person. The acceptance takes place with the reservation confirmation.
From this point in time, rights and obligations, as well as payment of the reservation price, are obligatory for all registered tenants. Written confirmation can be sent electronically.

2. Handover
The renter will be given a rental bike in a technically perfect and clean condition. The lessee is obliged to check the rental bike for usability.
Defects - also after an accident etc. - must be reported to the rental station immediately!
We only rent our bikes on presentation of an ID card or driver's license. In the event of early return for which the landlord is not responsible (e.g. bad weather, illness), there will be no refund of the rent.

3. Liability
When the bike is handed over, the renter is responsible for the bike.
The renter is obliged to use the bicycle carefully and professionally and only to use it on paved roads, as well as to observe the traffic regulations. The renter is prohibited from using the bicycle under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The renter is not permitted to make modifications or other interventions on the bicycle. The renter may make additions (e.g. triathlon attachment) at his own risk.
Disclosure to third parties is prohibited.

If damage occurs during use, whether or not it is their fault, the renter shall notify BERNER Bikes of this damage immediately. The renter is obliged to inform the lessor about all details of the damage, the costs incurred for repairing the damage are to be borne by the renter.
If damage means that the bicycle is no longer usable, the lessor will provide the renter with an equivalent bicycle as a replacement, if available. If you change to a higher price category, you have to pay the difference. If you change to a lower category, there is no right to a refund of the difference

The renter is liable for all damage that is not due to wear and tear, in particular for all damage caused by accident, willful damage and theft. Accident and liability insurance with regard to the use of the bike is the responsibility of the renter. The leddor is not liable at any time for liability and
Accidental damage caused by the renter or suffered through the use of the rental bike.

4. Theft
The renter undertakes to always secure the rental bike with a lock, whereby the lock in public places only serves as a deterrent and should always be supervised!
At night, the bike must be parked in a secure, lockable room in a locked state. Theft must be reported immediately to BERNER-Bikes and the police. In the event of theft, the replacement value or purchase price of the bike is due for payment immediately.

5. Rental bike insurance
We recommend taking out our rental bike insurance.
The insurance covers damage to the rental equipment resulting from an accident. Theft, lost bike, parts or wheel accessories and hose defects are not insured. The renter is still liable for all damages that can be traced back to intentional or negligent actions. Theft must be reported to BERNER-Bikes immediately.

6. Liability Insurance
Tenants are expressly recommended to take out liability insurance.

7. Rental Period
The rent for one day is from morning to evening, opening hours as posted. If the bike is not returned by the close of business at the end of the rental period, we reserve the right to charge the full daily rental price for the following day. The bike must be returned to the pick-up station.

8. Helmet obligation
Helmets are compulsory in Spain. We therefore ask all renters to wear a helmet and to comply with the Spanish Highway Code.

9. Hotel room reservation service
If a hotel room is reserved via BERNER Bikes, a direct, legally binding contractual relationship arises with the hotel in which the reservation is made. We act solely as an intermediary between the tenant and the hotel, sending the reservation details and sending a confirmation on behalf of the hotel.
The hotel's terms and conditions of business and cancellation are automatically accepted upon reservation.