Our rental conditions

1. Return

The bike shall be returned clean and in full working order. The customer renting the bike (hereafter referred to as "the renter") is responsible for maintaining the condition of the bike and shall report all technical defects to a Berner-Bikes mechanic immediately.

2. Deposit and bike collection

A form of identity (ID card, passport or driving licence) must be presented in order to rent the bike. No refunds for early return are possible regardless of reason (e.g. bad weather, sickness etc).

3. Liability

On signing the rental agreement, the renter takes on full responsibility for the bike. He/she is liable for all damage other than normal wear and tear. The renter shall use the bike carefully and in the manner for which it is intended, taking care to follow the guidelines for technical use in order to prevent damage. The renter is also liable for damage incurred through accident, vandalism and theft. Accident and 3rd party insurance concerning the use of the bike is the responsibility of the renter. Berner-Bikes are in no way liable for accidental damage, whether direct or 3rd party, or any other damage caused through the use of the bike. All damage must be immediately reported to Bern-Bikes and the associated costs must be covered by the renter.
The use of the bike by a 3rd person is not allowed.
The renter shall only use the bike on asphalt roads and must obey the local traffic regulations.

4. Theft

The renter is shall always lock the bike up when not in use. Overnight the bike must be locked up in a safe, closed room. Theft must be immediately reported to Berner-Bikes. In the event of theft, the renter is immediately liable for the replacement cost of the bike. Berner-Bikes charges the following replacement costs for stolen bikes: Alu 1800 EUR / Carbon 2500 EUR /Carbon Di2 3000 EUR. In the event the replacement costs are not paid, Berner-Bikes is forced to take legal action against the renter.

5. Bike rental insurance

We recommend a bike rental insurance, so you can enjoy carefree cycling holidays. The insurance covers damages of the rented material. Not covered are theft , loss of bike parts and tube defects. However, the renter is still liable for other damage e.g. damage caused maliciously or by negligence. Theft must be immediately reported to Berner-Bikes.

6. 3rd party insurance

Berner-bikes strongly recommends that all renters are covered by adequate third party insurance.

7. Rental period

The rental period for a given day lasts from morning to evening in accordance with the attached opening hours. If the bike is not returned before the closing hours, a full extra day will be charged.

8. Helmets

Helmets are compulsory for cycling in Spain. We therefore ask that helmets are worn at all times in order to uphold the local traffic laws.